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Site statistics can be easy and convenient.
About us

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InetLog is a counter of visitors to your website as well as detailed statistics of the visits, including many useful tools for analysis.


 I have been using this system for almost a month. It has helped me to see mistakes in my promotion, when one word is situated above, and a more important word combination is below. 
Thank you. I really like this system. The graphics are beautiful, everything is visible, easy to analyze, and transition from site to site is easy. To be honest, I can name no drawbacks. This is exactly what I was looking for. 

What you get?

  1. Many reports for visitor analysis (from what sites do they come to your site, which countries are the visitors from, which pages do they look at, which key words lead from search engines to your site, which browsers do they use, what screen resolutions do they use, and many more).
  2. An even deeper analysis. Each key word in each search engine determines the place (position).
  3. Effective history of development. At any moment you can trace the dynamics of change in position in search engines and the number of visitors, arriving from that word.
  4. Friendly instrument interface makes your analysis work and site optimization easy and simple.
  5. Several sites on one registration record allow you to see the general picture of all your sites.

Example of Statistics

Have a look right now at working statistics and open important reports for yourself, which no specialist in the development and optimization of internet websites can do without.
Look at an example of statistics »                           An example of a report by e-mail »

Variations of Counters

You can choose a counter of any color scale (more than 25 variations, including an invisible counter) that best suits the design of your site.


Install a counter in your site and receive the best reports for analysis of your site.
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