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Right after you log into the system, you get access to the main statistics window:

Рабочий интерфейс

Today statistics

Hits - the number of page views. For example, 2 people visited your site, one opened 1 page and left at once and the other one opened 3 pages. As a result, you will have 4 hits.

Unique visitors - the number of visitors for today marked by cookies. In other words, it is the number of unique browsers your site was opened with. If the user has cookies disabled in the browser, only his IP address will be taken into account.

Hosts - the number of unique IP addresses your site was visited from.

From other sites - the number of visitors who came to your site via a link from another site.

From search engines - the number of visitors who came to your site from search engines.

Audience - visitors who came to your site directly (i.e. neither from search engines nor from a link from another site). It is assumed that such a visitor knows the URL of your site and types it in the address field in the browser.

Search engine visibility - the number obtained through summarizing the positions of all search queries in search engines. It is estimated by the formula S=S+1/n , where n is the phrase position.

When you click the number of hosts or visitors from search engines (numbers with the green background), you will get access to monitoring:


You can use this section to monitor diagrams showing the number of visitors for all your sites together and also you can add or remove sites from your account.


You can use this section to:
  • Change the access password for the system
  • Enable saving the password.
  • View all operations with your account and also add money to it.

Counter code

You can use this section to choose the counter of any design you like without losing the statistics at any moment and also get the php code for logging search spiders.
Attention! If you do not publish the code of the php counter on your site, the Search Bots and What Search Bots Visit reports will not work.